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How to Remove Wrinkles from Your Prom Dresses

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When it comes to dresses, storage can be a bit of a problem. There is nothing worse than pulling out your perfect 2020 prom dresses only to realize that it ended up getting wrinkled while in the corner of your closet. A wrinkled prom dresses can be problematic to deal with because not only will it look terrible in pictures, but fixing it can be a bit of a hassle considering the kinds of fabrics that these dresses are traditionally made out of. Fortunately, there are a few quick and easy ways to unwrinkle your prom dresses in the event you find yourself facing this conundrum!

Steam It With A Steamer
A handheld steamer is without question the best possible way to unwrinkle a dress. This allows you to specifically target wrinkled areas and gives you control over the heat setting, which makes it safe for pretty much any fabric. This is a quick and easy way to handle those pesky wrinkles!
Steam It With The Shower
In the event that you don’t have a steamer, a popular alternative is to use your shower. In order to do this, you will want to hang the prom dresses on your shower rod and turn the shower up as hot as it will go. It is best to close the bathroom door to let the steam build up. Let some time pass with the steamy room and your prom gown will lose all of its wrinkles. Just make sure that the water never touches your dress!

Use The Dryer
This approach is a bit of a gamble and should only be used for certain fabrics. Always do your research beforehand so you don’t accidentally ruin your prom dress. In the event, your formal dress is safe to put in the dryer, toss it in for a quick tumble to let the heat release those pesky wrinkles.

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Use Your Blow Dryer
Using a blow dryer is a safer alternative to using a full dryer. This is a process that can remove wrinkles, but also lets you keep an eye on your dress. Remember, some fabrics really don’t do well with heat, so you will want to look them up in advance. However, using a dryer lets you physically see the prom gown dress as you work on remove the wrinkles. This means if anything begins to go wrong, you will be able to see it and stop the process. Further, this method gives you the ability to target specific areas with ease.

Prom dresses wrinkles might seem like the perfect enemy to ruin your big day, but don’t worry, they can be fought. As long as you have any heat-based tool at your disposal, you should be good to help your prom dress look its absolute best so that you can look amazing in it. Remember, always research the materials of your dress before exposing them to heat. A handheld steamer really can help you to remove wrinkles safely, so always consider this investment!

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