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How Do I Find The Right Prom Dresses For My Body Type?

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Everyone has a different body type, which can make finding clothes a bit of a challenge. When it comes to finding a good prom dresses, you want something that is flattering for you specifically. Certain dresses have a tendency to work with certain body types. What looks good on one body type might look terrible on another. However, it is important to make sure that when are making these decisions it is based on what you feel comfortable in, not based on what someone has told you that you should feel comfortable in. In this post, we will help you to make a few considerations when it comes to finding the right prom dresses for your body type.

Consider How Tight You Want It To Be

Certain dresses will hug certain places. Depending on how you are built, you might want a prom dresses that is tighter or looser in certain areas. Many people prefer to have dresses that do not hug or their midsection or that do hug their chest. With this in mind, you can better determine if a prom dress will be right for you. If you shop in the store, it is easy to just try it on and see what comes of it. However, when you shop online, it can be best to look at the dimensions of the model and help to gauge it from there.

Think About How Much Skin You Want To Show

A huge body type consideration to make when dress shopping is how much skin you want to show. For example, a tall girl wearing a shorter dress will likely show a lot more leg than a short girl wearing that same dress. Comparably, a girl with a larger chest might show more skin in a low-cut prom dresses than a girl with a smaller chest. You want to consider these factors and how comfortable you are when it comes to choosing the right prom gown.

Don’t Feed Into Stereotypes

The biggest thing to consider when choosing how to dress for your body type is your own comfort level with your own body. Many girls have body types that people will say rude things about, but that is on them to fix their skewed beliefs. It is not your responsibility to change the way that you dress because someone else might have a problem with it. Wear what you feel comfortable in. That is the most important rule to follow.


At the end of the day, dressing for your body type is a matter of opinion. You should always consider what makes you feel good when you are deciding what to wear. Whatever you feel good in, so long as it meets your school’s requirements, is what you should be wearing. When you factor in your body type, think about what the prom dresses highlight in your form and whether or not that is what you want. As long as you know what makes you feel good, you will be able to find your perfect prom dresses.

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