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What Are The Most Popular Colors for Prom Dresses?

prom dress prom dresses

When it comes to prom dress shopping, there are so many different things to consider in order for you to find your perfect dress. Sure, you need to find the right style of dress, but if you choose one that is the wrong color, all bets are off. Prom dress fashion changes from year to year, which is why it is important to always know what the most popular colors are. Whether you want to stay fashionably relevant or you just want to know what colors you might be seeing at the big dance, we brought together a quick list...

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Can You Wear A Prom Dress As A Wedding Dress?

Prom Dress Wedding Dress

If there is one area that generally defaults to tradition, it is weddings. People love the traditions surrounding weddings including everything from ceremony rules like the husband not being able to see the bride before the wedding right down to the use of garters. There is so much room for beautiful historical favorites in your wedding, but the traditional nature of weddings always makes them the best kind of place to bring in some change. A huge part of weddings that we are starting to see change is built around wedding dresses. In this article, we will discuss why a...

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What Color Should Your Prom Dresses Be?

prom dress prom dresses Prom Gown

Choosing the right color for your prom dresses can be a bit of a challenge. Prom is a special night, so it deserves something special, but you might not necessarily want to go too far out of your comfort zone. While we absolutely love the idea of someone doing a complete makeover and showing up to prom looking ready to drop jaws, there is something to be said for choosing a prom dress that is a little closer to who you truly are. Fortunately, we have brought together a few fun ways for you to choose the right color for your...

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How Do I Find The Right Prom Dresses For My Body Type?

prom dress prom dresses right prom dresses

Everyone has a different body type, which can make finding clothes a bit of a challenge. When it comes to finding a good prom dresses, you want something that is flattering for you specifically. Certain dresses have a tendency to work with certain body types. What looks good on one body type might look terrible on another. However, it is important to make sure that when are making these decisions it is based on what you feel comfortable in, not based on what someone has told you that you should feel comfortable in. In this post, we will help you...

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How To Choose The Right Color Prom Dresses According To Your Skin Tone?

prom dress prom dresses the color of prom dresses

When it comes to dressing for prom, choosing a color is always an exciting part of the promise. The problem is that sometimes the colors that we like and the colors that look good on us are not necessarily the same colors. You might love black prom dresses, but feel like they wash you out. You might think red prom dresses are amazing, but find that the color looks terrible on you. In order to understand how this works, you need to learn about the undertone of your skin. Fortunately, that is why HoProm are here. Identifying Your Undertone Everyone’s...

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